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Anti Bio Hydroponic water treatment system accredited with Goverment recognition


Anti Bio Technologies awarded Australian Technology Showcase membership for hydroponics water treatment technology

Anti Bio Technologies Pty Ltd is delighted to announce that The Australian Technology Showcase recently accredited the company with membership for its second application. Anti Bio uses sweeping sound frequencies and electro magnetic fields to assist in the removal of bio film from surfaces coming into contact with water and other fluids.

The company has been a member of the Showcase since 2002 where the technology has been recognised for the application of swimming pool water treatment. The Showcase has now accredited the technology with its application for the treatment of water in the hydroponics industry. In an era of increased demand for water conservation, Anti Bio Technologies is proud to be associated with an industry which is going a long way to reducing the quantity of water use per product.

The Australian Technology Showcase is a joint Queensland State and Australian Federal Government initiative designed to promote leading-edge Australian innovative technologies globally.

A panel of independent experts in each state or territory rigorously assesses all applicant technologies to ensure they are clearly innovative and leading-edge. Membership of the Showcase is reliant upon the technology meeting certain criteria for eligibility. The technology must be:


- Clearly innovative
- Scientifically credible
- Demonstrably marketable
- Commercially attractive
- Socially and environmentally beneficial
Some of the benefits already identified in the hydroponics application on varying sites are:
- reduced pipe and dripper blockages
- reduction in labour costs
- increased pressures in nutrient supplies meaning
 more consistent plant growth across a system
- whiter and healthier root growth
- increased root mass
- extended shelf / cool room storage life
- faster plant growth
- increased yield
- improved colour in plant foliage
All requests for further information can be directed to:
Tim Briglia
Product Co-ordinator – Hydroponics
Telephone:        within Australia              (07) 5527 9444
                        from outside Australia     +61 7 5527 9444
Facsimile:         within Australia              (07) 5527 8120
                        from outside Australia     +61 7 5527 8120
Email:               tim@antibio.com.au
Website:           www.antibio.com.au