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Anti Bio hydroponics treatment system successful in New Zealand


Tasman Bay Herbs Ltd is a substantial hydroponics producer in Motueka, New Zealand. Yoka De Houwer, Managing Director, is a very positive and forward thinking grower who has a firm belief in providing a quality product to her clients.

In August of 2008, Yoka agreed to participate in a rental trial of the Anti Bio hydroponics water treatment system. After 4 months of the trial she has a real understanding of just how detrimental the existence of bio film is in hydroponics systems. Her Anti Bio system has been removing bio film from her tables which is something that most sterilisation techniques cannot do in the usual dosing rates prescribed – those rates would commonly cause plant damage.

It is well documented that bio film provides a protective barrier for undesirable items. Yoka has seen for herself that even though growers  follow well known practices to maintain hygiene, bio film treatment is often overlooked. Her forward thinking in installing an Anti Bio System has given her an added advantage to providing the quality product she is aiming for.

More information on Tasman Bay Herbs can be found at www.TasmanBayHerbs.co.nz