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Anti Bio – Marine

Anti Bio – Marine

Installed on vessels ranging from leisure craft, super yachts and ships, Anti Bio has demonstrated the effectiveness against Barnacle growth, machinery efficiencies and water treatment.  Due to recent restrictions implemented by the World Health Organization on Cathodes & Anodes and other methods being used for anti fouling, Anti Bio is an effective & environmental solution to compliment or replace traditional methods.


Over several years of research & development, Anti Bio Technologies have produced a product/s for the Marine Industry to assist in maintenance and performance of the vessel.

There are several sectors we have identified that have merit to the products application which include;

·      Leisure craft less than 100ft

·      Super yachts more than 100ft

·      Ships more that 100ft

Product application

The areas of benefit pertain to the following;

·      Reduction of Barnacle growth on hulls

·      Reduced maintenance time cleaning Sea Strainers through less build up

·      Improved machinery performance including Heat Exchangers & Engine

·      Removal of biofilm on water storage holding tanks providing cleaner quality water

·      Reduced down time on vessel maintenace


With several vessels installed in each sector over the past four years we have been able to determine significant benefits that will provide performance and cost savings, which will provide tangible benefits in vessel performance & maintenance.

Whilst the testimonials to date clearly illustrate the applications and performance, our strategy to the market will be driven through further testimonials in each application from ongoing trials.

Intro Marine

Benefits Received By SV Eclipse

Marine System Drawing

Marine Install Diagram