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Applications – Aquaculture


Since 2002 we have been experimenting with this interesting market, where result to date have been very encouraging.

The system has been applied to the following areas;

  • Fish Farming
  • Prawn Farming
  • Aquariums
  • Ponds

Results to date have included a decrease in the time spent maintaining plant equipment, reduction in time spent replenishing water, removal of parasite infection of fish, increase in water Oxidation Reduction Potential(ORP), and an overall improvement in the quality of produce.

In 2006, we will continue these studies with a view to commercialise the concept in the very near future with the assistance of experts within the industry.

“We have been carrying out some trials with Anti Bio water treatment system on an aquaculture recirculation tank system in our Research & Development Facility. Initial trial results have achieved an increase in ORP (Oxidative Reduction Potential) from 238 to 325mV and noticeable improvement in the water clarity. We are continuing to perform further testing, which is currently in progress. Overall a very positive result to begin.”
Lindsay Hopper, M. App. Sci. AquaSales Manager, Aquasonic Pty Ltd Aquasonic
“Very shortly after installation,we were pleased to note some glaringly obvious benefits:

  • a very marked decrease in algae growth and adhesion to our tanks and sumps
  • a major benefit was noted in the fact that algae build up on sand in our filters diminished considerably thereby reducing the frequency and length of the backwash and flushing procedures and many hours of work as a result
  • pH levels required much less adjustment (frequency changed from every day or at most every other day to less than once a week
  • we were very pleased to note that there were absolutely no unwanted side affects or detrimental consequences from the use of the system”

Mr Bill Johnson

Director, Barkala Fisheries