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Applications – Marine and Shipping Industry Systems

We have embarked on numerous studies to assist various types of water transport which include leisure craft, submersibles, ships and super tankers.Leisure craft – Test Sites Experiments have been carried out on boats constructed from wood, fibreglass, aluminium & steel. Sizes of craft range from 30 – 70 feet and all boats are used on a periodic basis.

The objectives set out are generic amongst these types of boats. They focus on anti fouling assistance, maintenance reduction, and performance moving through water.

To date, we have achieved such a significant level of success that further testing is warranted to determine potential for product commercialisation.


  • Barnacle growth significantly reduced from boat hulls by up to 70% over 12 month trial periods.
  • Boat removal from the water for hull cleaning time reduced by 50%.
  • Reported improvements in water movement consistency.

Product commercial readiness

Whilst we have installed on more than a dozen private vessels, we have also attracted several credible marine organizations to test and validate the system merits. With the knowledge and expertise of our project partners we will be able to provide results that are recognised by the industry to support the product in a transparent manner for commercialisation.

We have been actively involved with a leading industry innovator, who has been assessing the system merits in shipping applications. These range from hull maintenance, water cooling, water ballast treatment, and other areas.
To date we have been successful in application testing, so much so that our clients have purchased the system outright as a result of positive testing. While we are encouraged by our success we will continue to refine the system performance, application, design and compliance until we are satisfied with the system suitability for commercialisation.

Expertise Forum

We are working with a number of people who will collectively provide the necessary detail to develop and construct a desirable system that will encompass all aspects of the marine system application. This will include designing prototypes suited to particular applications and testing to comply with industry standards. We will use the knowledge and expertise of the industry experts actively involved in the forum to ensure that our technology is adapted specifically to the marine environment.