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Beer line cleaning

Advanced Preventative Technology The technology was born from initial experimentation with draught beer lines. In this instance we were able to reduce the time spent cleaning lines to avoid contamination.Successful lab tests confirm we are able to contain spoilage bacteria in beer lines and to date the concept has been introduced to 24 breweries world wide in the USA , Japan , UK , Korea , New Zealand & Australia

Benefits resulting from the use of the technology, which is marketed as “CellarControl”, are:

reduced beer loss as lines not flushed nearly as often
reduced chemical usage and cost
reduced manhours spent on line cleaning
cleaner tasting beer

The technology has been patented in countries covered by the PCT Paris Convention Treaty and was the first Patent approved for the technology several years ago.

The future of this system in the industry is enormous and, whilst Anti Bio has several projects on the table, this arena will be heavily targeted.

Please direct all enquiries for this application to Anti Bio Technologies Pty Ltd Head Office.

PO Box 600 , Ashmore City , QLD 4214 Australia
Telephone: (07) 5527 9444 (Within Australia )+617 5527 9444 (From outside Australia )
Facsimile: (07) 5527 8120 (Within Australia )+617 5527 8120 (From outside Australia )
Email: water@antibio.com.au


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