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Anti Bio releases domestic model

After many years of supplying systems to the commercial swimming pool market, Anti Bio Technologies has entered the domestic arena.The ABT 70 model is now available for purchase for domestic pools and spas with water volumes up to 70,000 litres. The system is simple to install and does not intrude on any of the existing filtration and pipe work.

Some of the benefits of having the ABT 70 treating your pool water are:

  • increased efficiency of filtration as a result of years of built up biofilm being removed
  • improved water clarity
  • water savings resulting from reduced backwashing
  • less time spent cleaning salt chlorinator cells due to a reduction in calcium build-up
  • reduced requirement of manually adding chlorine during heavy batherload and rain periods
  • reduced running time / output of salt chlorinators for chlorine production
  • increased pH stability
  • reduction in use of acid to control pH
  • no more sore eyes for children
  • increased bacteria and virus control
  • reduced exposure to chemicals for swimmers
  • extension of lifespan of filter media and chlorinator cells

At a recommended retail price of $990.00 (GST inclusive), the ABT 70 is a welcome addition to any domestic pool. Over years of use, the system will pay for itself with reduced chemical and equipment replacement costs not to mention the increased safety factor.