ANTI BIO ABT5000 (Residential water treat.)




Anti Bio Water Technologies products are designed to assist swimming pool owners and resort managers in maintaining clear, healthy pool water while reducing chemical usage, maintenance expenses and time, in any sized pool.

Clear benefits

• Chemical usage / Water consumption
• Backwashing / labour time
• Chloramines
• Algae & residue build up
• Biofilm removal from filters
• PH level fluctuations
• Health & Safety risks

Results for pool management

• Money savings and environmentally friendly savings
• Increased leisure time
• Odour reduction / Bather satisfaction increase
• Plant life extension / Bather satisfaction increase
• Increased filtration efficiency / improved water clarity / maintenance reduction
• More easily balanced water
• Lower bacterial counts

Wide range of applications

Anti Bio Water Technologies have been proven effective in a range of applications, from the world’s largest theme parks, to everyday home pools and spas around the world.


Our patended Sweeping Sound technology requires very little, if any maintenance.


There are 2 series of Anti Bio Systems, each with 3 models designed to cater for various volumes
of water.
ABS Series
ABS SeriesThe ABS series treats volumes of water ranging from 400,000 litres upwards.
ABT Series
The ABT series treats volumes of water ranging from 100,000 litres to 399,999 litres of water



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