Anti Bio Hydroponics©



Recognised and awarded

Anti Bio Hydroponics has been a proud member of The Australian Technology Showcase since 2002. The Australian Technology Showcase is a joint Queensland State and Australian Federal Government initiative designed to promote leading-edge Australian innovative technologies globally.

How it works

AntiBio Hydroponics uses sweeping sound frequencies to create an ionic reaction leading to prevention of biofilm buildup in pipes and sprinkler heads in a variety of applications.

Great savings

Known as ‘Sono-Chemistry’ this technology is a cost effective method to achieve cost savings as well as environmental savings.

Maintenance free

The Anti Bio microchip uses patended frequency algorythms resulting in a low-power 24/7 presence, with virtually no maintenance required, save a yearly inspection by a qualified technician.

A wide range of applications

AntiBio Hydroponics have been successfully operating in a variety of situations, locations and climates. Our business-centered solutions result in softer bore water, promoting denser root build up and denser product growth. Farmers note larger plants in a variety of applications.



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