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Scientific Studies

Anti Bio’s commitment to continuing R&D Programs will ensure that it remains at the forefront of water treatment technology.

In May 1999, Anti Bio engaged the services of Griffith University to undertake research into the effects of the Anti Bio System. The laboratory is headed by Dr Helen Stratton B Appl Sc (Hons) PhD. Results have been so impressive that the Australian Federal Government awarded Anti Bio the AusIndustry R&D START Grant and the Australian Research Council awarded the SPIRT Grant for research into Bio Films build-up in pipes. This assistance will be utilised to intensify research and provide water treatment solutions around the world.

For more information on Anti Bio’s R&D Programs please contact our Head Office.

Cryptosporidium Tests Data

Griffith Uni June 2002 – Final report on Ausindustry start project

“Sweeping Sound Frequencies” – establishing and maintaining water quality.

Summary of thesis being completed at Griffith University