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Swimming Pools – Domestic

The Anti Bio range of products are designed to assist swimming pool owners in maintaining clear, healthy pool water at the same time as reducing chemical usage and maintenance expenses and time.


Reductions In: Result:
Chemical usageWater consumptionBackwashing / labour time


Algae & residue build up

Biofilm removal from filters

PH level fluctuations

Health & Safety risks

$ savings and environmentally friendly$ savings and environmentally friendly$ savings and increased leisure time

Odour reduction / Bather satisfaction increase

Plant life extension / Bather satisfaction increase

Increased filtration efficiency / improved water clarity / maintenance reduction

More easily balanced water

Lower bacterial counts

The following observations were noted and compiled from the data of over 1000

Pools with sand filters

If your Anti Bio System (ABS) was installed and activated just after a backwash, the most “surprising” and remarkable change will be observed during the next backwash (if you have a sight glass in place). The water will be much “dirtier” than previously seen. The reason for this is in the unique property of your ABS. Years of build up of biofilm in the sand of the filter and pipes will be removed and flushed out to waste. This will allow your filter to operate far more efficiently giving you greatly improved water clarity. If your filter or sand is fairly new, your ABS will dramatically slow the growth of this biofilm providing you with many more years of efficient filtering.

Pools with salt chlorinators

Your ABS will increase the amount of free chlorine available in your water without any increase in power output from your chlorinator or running time of your pump. This has several benefits:

  1. reduced usage or output power required of your chlorinator cell, extending it’s life. These are expensive to replace.
  2. lower electricity costs if you were previously running your pump just to create chlorine.

Calcium deposits will also be reduced on your chlorinator cell. This will reduce the frequency of cleaning with an acid solution which will further extend its life and cut down on your maintenance time. This will increase the leisure time available to you which is why you have a pool in the first place!

Pools where chlorine is added manually

Your ABS will increase the amount of free chlorine available in your water without any increase in the amount of chlorine you add to the pool. This results in a reduction of your expense and handling of this dangerous chemical.

ABT Series The ABT 70 series treats volumes of water up to 70,000 litres in domestic environments

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