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Broadly classified across Research, Design and Manufacturing, Anti Bio Technologies provide custom solutions to water and surface problems, engineered for various applications using patented Sweeping Sound Frequency ('SSF') technology.


Anti Bio Technologies

Founded in 1999, Anti Bio Technologies offers customised systems for various types of water and surface treatment, engineered to suit individual needs and demands while remaining cost effective. Anti Bio Technologies is a leader in the field of sweeping sound technologies, with its patented Sweeping Sound Frequency ('SSF') technology active across 34 countries, and growing.

Over the last two decades, Anti Bio Technologies has installed over 10,000 commercial sites, supplying creative approaches, designs and manufacturing solutions and supplies for a wide-range of industries and applications.

The company strongly believes that no singular solution or system fits all; hence, in tandem with its objective to provide innovative systems to customers, it also focuses on quality control and providing its customers a customisable solution to very specific problems.


  • Removes biofilm and build up in a cost effective and low maintenance manner
  • Environmentally-friendly and safe from its installation to operational state
  • Award-winning technology with established patents
  • Products come with a 20-year lifespan and 3+ years warranty

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Our industries of application continue to grow as we look to the future.
  • "After successful installation of the TOG units, the pumps had zero downtime until todate. lnitial plan to clean the caissons every two years is now not necessary to be carried out since both pumps are performing as expected."
  • "From the first two days after the installation, we have received numerous comments from members about the clarity of the water, and the “feel” being different. We have also tracked the chemical usage very closely, and we have recorded a massive reduction in both Chlorine costs (reduced by 59%) and CO2 Gas costs (reduced by 62%)."
  • "Going from weekly cleans to now every 8 weeks we are saving by having the system installed whilst ensuring premium beer being poured!"
  • “Since carrying out the side by side test, we have noticed the following; the lines fitted with Cellar Control system are now being cleaned on a four week cleaning cycle with no negative effects, there is good quality beer after four weeks of no line cleaning, we have significant Savings in beer wastage, labour and chemicals, our costs savings from installing the system are far greater than the cost of the system.”
  • "Following a 6 month trial of the system, we were impressed with the results of the system, and decided to roll it out to our other venues. We now have 5 venues using the system, all of which have had considerable savings in beer, chemical, water and labour. We have no hesitation in recommending the CellarControl system to any venue or EcoClub member."
  • "We used to have a serious problem with termites. But ever since the system has been installed all termites have disappeared."
  • "For the first time all three of our indoor pool complexes had no Micros detected on our last health department check. That’s from 12 different samples across 5 different plants ranging from spa’s, therapy pools, learners pools and lap pools. Customer feedback has commented on improved pool hall atmosphere, improved clarity and pool tests indicate a reduction in combined chlorine."
  • “The AntiBio system have been in use for 6 months at the Airlie Beach Lagoon and the Proserpine Memorial Swimming Pool. During this period, there has been a measurable decrease in chemical consumption at both facilities and there has been a definite improvement in water quality and clarity.”
  • “We were able to identify significant benefits; reduced chlorine usage, reduced combined chlorine levels, improved water clarity, reduced backwashing required, saving at least 26,000 litres of water per backwash. All pool operators need to acquire tools in order to reduce water consumption, this is one such tool.”
  • "We now see a definite improvement in the health of our system: coriander roots are white instead of brown; dill keeps growing even under hot conditions;young rocket plants that stress out WILL turn a little purple but then turn GREEN again and keep growing - this has never happened before. Our production is up with between L5 o/o and 3O 7o compared with the same time last year when the pythium was quite rampant."
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  • Before the Anti Bio was installed, the chlorine consumption was about 80 litres per day. After it was installed, the consumption decreased dramatically to 20 litres per day. Since the system has been set up, we have saved over $1,200 per month in chlorine costs. The water quality has improved noticeably.
  • At present, Wet 'n' Wild Water World has approximately seven million litres of filtered water circulating through high rate sand filters in less than an average of four hours with large outdoor surface areas and high number of people using the pools, rides and slides per hour. The benefits of the systems to date show increased water clarity and chemical savings with less backwashing required, resulting in reduced water consumption.
  • We have recently conducted a three month trial with the Cellar Control system and have had some very pleasing results. To date, we have noticed the cleaning procedures have gone from weekly to six-week cycles. This has allowed us to purchase the system and return our investment after 6 months.
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