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Anti Bio Hydroponics


With water being the main resource in hydroponic farming, Anti Bio Technologies absolutely had to explore this industry for potential applications. Since commencing trials in Malaysia in January 2005, a surprisingly large number of benefits have been identified by growers. This has lead to many sites in the Asia Pacific region adopting the use of our technology.

Some of these benefits include:

Significant water flow improvements
Obvious reductions in blockages of drippers
Cleaner, whiter, healthier, and larger root mass
Increased production resulting from faster growing time
Improved yield by weight in lettuce and Asian vegetables
Increased ability of plants to take up nutrients which are kept in solution
Removal of bio film which can harbour pythium spores
Reduced crop losses
and more

Such is the impact of our technology on this industry that this application has its own website to provide more detail. Click here to be redirected to that site in a new window now.

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